Preparing Your Children for the Social Scene in Nursery School

When the time for nursery school arrives, you might breathe a sigh of relief that you can finally stopped paying pricey daycare costs, or you may revel in the educational career on which your little ones are about to embark. Not only are the activities for kids in nursery schools designed to grab their attention and educate them, but they also work to create a social web of experience.

Enroll in Activities and Programs
Encouraging socialization with other youths before school begins is helpful in integrating them into the larger social sphere. Research programs in your community for toddlers. Many of these programs focus on music or gym play where your children can interact with others in a moderately educational environment. You may also want to find out about classes in specific disciplines. Art classes, theater instruction, baking lessons and the like are all activities available to a wider range of ages these days.

Arrange Play Dates
When your children interact with others at a class or activity, they are socializing, but they are also amused by the toys, experiences and individuals around them. Set up a play date with one of the other moms in this group so that the kids have time to explore creatively. Playing is not an activity that needs constant structure and instruction. Allowing your children to do essentially whatever they want, within reason and safety confines, permits them to bolster their imaginations and build skills necessary to interact with other children their age.

Make the Library a Frequent Stop
Perhaps you have already spent a decent amount of time reading books to your children at the library. While the library is not intended to act as a loud place, the children’s section usually does expect a bit more movement than the adult. You can quietly encourage your children to read with others. Also, the local library usually boasts an array of classes. Look for ones that are specifically designed for children of your little ones’ ages. During these activities, give them the freedom to spend time chatting with their peers instead of constantly hovering over them.

Spend Time Outdoors
Before crammed schedules and tons of activities for children as young as two were the norm, people would meet with each other in the natural environment. Simply taking a walk to the park gives you a chance to explore your community and to mingle with other parents as you kids play on the playground. Once again, play-time experiences do not always need tremendous amounts of structure. Letting kids be kids, without the frantic race of schedules and the blur of technological devices, is often the best way to prepare them for the social scene they will meet in nursery school.

Before your children enter school, you likely have an array of worries and questions. By taking the time to integrate them into more social activities now, you can have a greater sense of confidence that they will be ready when the time comes to make friends at school.
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