Fun Activities For Kindergarten Kids in Kuala Lumpur

Coming up with fun activities for kids can be a daunting situation, especially if you feel like you’ve run out of ideas. Fortunately, there are thousands of creative activities that will not only entertain them but teach them all at the same time.

fun activities for kids is an amazing one

The one and only Animal Jumble

If you are running a kindergarten in Kuala Lumpur then more than likely you have more than 3 kids in your program. Animal Jumble is a game that teaches children all about animals. Let each child choose an animal, You will then assign each child with a “secret animal part.” Have the children draw their secret part on construction paper. The idea behind this game is that none of the children know what one another is drawing. Once each child has drawn their animal part, have them cut their drawing out and tape it together to create a new animal. You will then have the kids come up with a fun name for their new, jumbled animal.

Bubble Plate

Every child loves bubbles, which is why this fun activities for kids is an amazing one to implement into your daily fun pack. The only thing that you will need to create a bubble plate is a drinking straw, dish washing liquid, a small plate, and water. Take the plate and place two drops of dish washing liquid in the middle. Run tap water onto the small plate to create foam and or bubbles. Place the plate onto a flat surface, and have your child point his straw in the water. Have the child blow slow and gently into the straw to create huge bubbles!

Create Colorful Pasta

Take a cup of uncooked, dry pasta into a zip lock bag. Add 3 drops of food coloring, and one single tablespoon of white vinegar into the bag. Close the bag tightly, and have the kids shake the bag for about 1 minute. Make sure that all of the pasta is completely colored. Spread out all pasta onto a paper towel and let dry. You can use several different bags to create different colors. Once the pasta is dry, you can string together the pasta pieces with yarn to make bracelets or necklaces. You can also have the kids glue them to construction paper to make creative works of art.

Reverse Hide and Seek (Sardines)

This game is a great way to keep the kids engaged during rainy days. One child is assigned to hide, and the rest of the children are seekers. The hider will hide in his or her hiding spot while the seekers work to find them. However, whenever a seeker figures out where the hider is, instead of shouting it out to the rest of the seekers, that child will hide with them. After a while, the children will all be stuffed like sardines in one hiding spot. The first child to find the hider gets to be the hider in the next game.

When it comes to pulling together different activities for kids, you should always focus on things that will enhance their ability to think, ask questions and learn. You not only want kids to have fun, you want them to utilize their learning skills as well.

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