From Beginner To Pro Cyclist With 5 Simple Tips

Bicycling is a great outdoor activity for all types of people, whether you’re old or young, athletic or passive. Not only is it fun, but bicycling is also a good cardio workout and weight loss method, burning up to 500 calories per hour. The latest mechanical advancements, particularly the new styles of bikes available, have made it even easier and simpler to ride them. If you are planning on taking up bicycling, here are 5 simple tips that will help you go pro quickly and safely.

Getting cycling shoes in Malaysia

Safety First

Statistics show that over 5,000 cyclists in the US suffer from head injuries each year, and is the main cause of 75 percent of cycling-related deaths. Wearing the proper safety gear, especially the helmet, can prevent head injuries by up to 90 percent.

Make sure to choose a helmet that is approved by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission. Helmets bearing a sticker from the Snell Memorial Foundation or the American Society of Testing Materials are also standard choices. Pick out a bright colored helmet so that you are easily identified by bystanders and traffic.

Find the Right Sized Bike

If you don’t have a bike yet and is planning on buying one instead of renting every time you need it, find the right bike frame size that compliments your body. Straddle the bike and then stand straight with both feet planted firmly on the ground.

With a road bike, you should have one or two inches of clearance between your groin and the upper tube that holds the seat. The handlebars should be at least one inch lower than the seat surface to compliment the proper posture of road bikers. For regular bikes, the handlebars can be slightly higher than the seat.

Wear Comfortable Shoes

Whether you’re biking leisurely or competing with professional cyclists, having the right footwear can have a tremendous impact on your performance. Getting cycling shoes in Malaysia is simple since many stores cater to online users.

If you have some time to spare though, it is best to see and feel the product for yourself. The fit should not be too tight that it restricts blood flow to the feet but also not too loose that it could fall off while you’re cycling.

Know The Route

Cycling in city traffic can be very challenging and even dangerous. Stay in bike lanes at all times and be alert of traffic signals. Regardless if you’re riding around light or heavy road traffic, it is always smart and safe to attach a rear-view mirror to your bike’s handlebar. This gives you better vision of traffic coming from both sides of the road.
Change Your Positions

Maintain proper posture at all times, but make sure to vary your body and hand position regularly to avoid putting stress and pressure to only certain muscle groups. If you are travelling long distances, find rest stops where you can take a break and stretch out.

Bicycling is a healthy and fun activity that benefits both physical and mental health. Doing it properly will ensure your safety as well as the safety of pedestrians and motorists.

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