Essentials for a Muslim to Pack during Travel

People travel all the time. Be it for business, vacation or spiritual, travelling is an essential part of our lives. It is important to be well prepared while travelling to reduce the stress and hustles of forgetting stuff later. For a Muslim, preparation is very important as travelling is a little more demanding. This is because you need to ensure that your daily prayers are not affected and that you eat halal food. A Muslim tour should be made easy by proper prior planning and preparations. Below are some tips on basic requirements to have in your travels.

You need a good prayer mat. This is essential, as Muslims are required to offer regular daily prayers. You may not always have a clean place to offer salah so carrying your own mat comes in handy. Most mats are highly mobile, durable and light. The mats can easily be carried in a bag. A Muslim tour cannot be complete without a reliable compass to find the Qibla. Some mats are already equipped with a compass. An alternative is to download a Qibla application on your phone.

Carry a few prayer dresses and headscarves this will enable you to offer your prayers anywhere. It is especially handy for women to carry some hijabs and niqabs. Prayers are important thus should not to be skipped. Carrying descent clothing is thus necessary.

Take advantage of your phone technology. Today, there are a number of Islamic apps on the android market. Download a few that you will need like prayer times and qibla direction. Also, make use of apps with maps on them. The mobile phone has become an all-inclusive gadget with multiple apps. These can help you find local mosques, and hotels selling halal food.

Muslim tour should be made easy

Carry water bottles and containers with clean water for drinking and performing wudu. This will be helpful if you do not find clean water on your travels and need to pray. Be careful not to fill your bottle with water from unclean sources. Water is essential to life. Carrying water will quench your thirst and purify you for salah.

Be sure to plan and find out hotels and shops that offer Islamic and halal foods. If you have no clue as to where to start, do some online research. This is as easy as searching for halal food in Malaysia. The Internet has made life very easy. Most hotels and businesses have advertised their service online. Therefore, you can easily map out your entire journey together with all the hotels and restaurants you are going to eat. Only choose restaurants that offer halal food.

Remember to carry all your documents. Essential documents include your identification card, passport if applicable, as well as your visa. This is to avoid problems and identification issues. Today, the world has embraced fascist security policies so always remember to carry personal identification documents.
Travelling is a very personal experience. For whatever reason you are travelling, be sure to always plan and pack everything that you will require before your departure. This will avoid any inconveniences during your trip. Use travel guides and agencies to ease your trip and plan your whole trip.

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