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The Best Apps to perform Long-Distance Calling from SEA

There are a ton of apps that utilize your phones internet connection and allow an alternative, free method to call phone numbers with or text somebody with without the long distance charges, using your phones data plan, minutes or text…..

What is Halal Certification and Why Does It Matter?

The term ‘halal’ simply means lawful or permitted. Therefore, when someone is referring to halal type foods, they’re talking about foods that are specifically allowed to be consumed under Islamic Sharia law. Essentially, in order for any food to actually…..

Preparing Your Children for the Social Scene in Nursery School

When the time for nursery school arrives, you might breathe a sigh of relief that you can finally stopped paying pricey daycare costs, or you may revel in the educational career on which your little ones are about to embark……

Book Review: Stephen King’s “The Shining” May Not Be What You Expect

We all know or have heard of the classic horror novel The Shining by the one-and-only Stephen King. Released in 1977, it was adapted 3 years later into the Stanley Kubrick film that terrified us all, thanks in part to Jack Nicholson’s…..

Book Review: P.S. I Love You

In the best-selling book, P.S. I Love You, author Cecelia Ahern takes on a sad, happy and romantic journey. Main character, Holly, is the luckiest Irish girl in the world and married to her childhood sweetheart until something unthinkable occurs……