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6 Tips to Get Your Business Started Fast

Business in Malaysia continues to get better and better. As the economy grows stronger, there are more and more opportunities. More and more international investors are seeking to invest in the country. International trading companies are also seeking to buy products, services and commodities from the country. To service the growth, many new companies are required. There are 6 tips to get started fast.

1. Get a formal company incorporation in Malaysiacompany incorporation in malaysia

Using a formal corporation, you can get access to many services that informal businesses cannot. You can get office space, get a bank account, conduct large transactions and get government benefits.

2. Get a virtual office

Working out of your home is ok to start, but it is hard to grow under those circumstances. Using a business address for mail and correspondence is much better. It also allows you to hold professional meetings with clients and investors. Virtual offices are crucial to get going.

download (1)3. Get professional business cards and materials

Professional business cards with a business address give the impression of a larger, well-established organization. Similarly, well-done marketing materials also provide that impression. Using a professional service to create these materials can be very useful.


4. Build a real website

Websites are becoming more important marketing tools. They are seen by customers, investors, partners and suppliers. Professional sites help improve sales and marketing when you are starting out as well.

5. Focus on quality products or services

Make sure that whatever you are providing, it is of extremely high quality. Your first few clients are especially important to get the quality right. Satisfied customers are the best tools to grow your business as they will recommend other potential customers. You can also use them as testimonials and referrals.

6. Build out your sales pipeline

The most important thing is to build out your sales pipeline. Hopefully, your pipeline will be established before you even start the company. If not, it is the first thing you need to focus on. Using professional meeting space can enhance your image and help close more sales.

download (2)

Overall, the 6 tips above are simple ways that you can grow your business quickly and take advantage of all the opportunities for business in Malaysia.


Fun Activities For Kindergarten Kids in Kuala Lumpur

Coming up with fun activities for kids can be a daunting situation, especially if you feel like you’ve run out of ideas. Fortunately, there are thousands of creative activities that will not only entertain them but teach them all at the same time.

fun activities for kids is an amazing one

The one and only Animal Jumble

If you are running a kindergarten in Kuala Lumpur then more than likely you have more than 3 kids in your program. Animal Jumble is a game that teaches children all about animals. Let each child choose an animal, You will then assign each child with a “secret animal part.” Have the children draw their secret part on construction paper. The idea behind this game is that none of the children know what one another is drawing. Once each child has drawn their animal part, have them cut their drawing out and tape it together to create a new animal. You will then have the kids come up with a fun name for their new, jumbled animal.

Bubble Plate

Every child loves bubbles, which is why this fun activities for kids is an amazing one to implement into your daily fun pack. The only thing that you will need to create a bubble plate is a drinking straw, dish washing liquid, a small plate, and water. Take the plate and place two drops of dish washing liquid in the middle. Run tap water onto the small plate to create foam and or bubbles. Place the plate onto a flat surface, and have your child point his straw in the water. Have the child blow slow and gently into the straw to create huge bubbles!

Create Colorful Pasta

Take a cup of uncooked, dry pasta into a zip lock bag. Add 3 drops of food coloring, and one single tablespoon of white vinegar into the bag. Close the bag tightly, and have the kids shake the bag for about 1 minute. Make sure that all of the pasta is completely colored. Spread out all pasta onto a paper towel and let dry. You can use several different bags to create different colors. Once the pasta is dry, you can string together the pasta pieces with yarn to make bracelets or necklaces. You can also have the kids glue them to construction paper to make creative works of art.

Reverse Hide and Seek (Sardines)

This game is a great way to keep the kids engaged during rainy days. One child is assigned to hide, and the rest of the children are seekers. The hider will hide in his or her hiding spot while the seekers work to find them. However, whenever a seeker figures out where the hider is, instead of shouting it out to the rest of the seekers, that child will hide with them. After a while, the children will all be stuffed like sardines in one hiding spot. The first child to find the hider gets to be the hider in the next game.

When it comes to pulling together different activities for kids, you should always focus on things that will enhance their ability to think, ask questions and learn. You not only want kids to have fun, you want them to utilize their learning skills as well.


Breast enlargement also known as breast augmentation is a plastic surgery procedure aimed at changing the shape, increasing the size and altering the texture of the breasts. One of the biggest concerns among today’s women is how to enlarge their breast size. Women are more concerned about how they look and they not only want to look good before the eyes of men but also in the eyes of people in general. Among some of the reasons that women may want to indulge in the breast enlargement procedure include a need to repair the chest wound as a result of the removal of the cancerous breast, correct congenital defects of the breasts to name but a few of the many reasons.

breast enlargement at aesthetic clinic

Breast Augmentation may take two ways either a natural way of enlarging breasts or the surgical approach method by visiting an aesthetic clinic to perform the procedure. The natural way of breast augmentation involves:

• Breast Massage – this method of enlarging the breast size stimulates blood flow and circulation in the chest area. This method will not only increase the size of your breast size but also shape and tone the breasts, helps detect lumps especially when done regularly to name but a few.

breast massage advice from aesthetic clinic

breast exercise example from aesthetic clinic• Breast exercise – this is a safe, cheap and easy method of enlarging breast. There are a number of exercises that women can enable them to have firmer and well-toned breast size. Among some of the exercise that women can do to enlarge their breast sizes include wall press, arm circles, chest press, modified push-ups to name but a few.


• Eating best breast foods – what you eat directly affects your health as well as your breasts. It’s advisable to eat well-balanced foods so as to aid in increasing your breast size. Some of the recommended fruits, vegetables and whole grains to name but a few. This food help regulates your testosterone levels as well as increase your breast size and prevent diseases.

On the hand, the surgical approach of breast augmentation yields faster boobs job results unlike the natural way of breast augmentation which may take longer to show results. The two most popular breast surgical methods aimed at increasing the size of your breast include:

• Fat Grafting – this method involves removing unwanted body fats using liposuction from flabby body parts such as the stomach region and having them transferred to the breast where it is injected.

• Breast implants – there are three types of breast implants and they are:
1. Saline-filled breast implants which contain sterile water.
2. Silicone-filled breast implants which contain a soft, elastic gel and they come in many sizes.
3. Cohesive gel silicone implants which are filled by crosslinked molecules of silicone making them thin and firmer.

It’s advisable to visit an aesthetic clinic when you consider having the surgical approach of breast augmentation so as to get informed on a number of issues such as the best type of surgery for you among other various issues.

Essentials for a Muslim to Pack during Travel

People travel all the time. Be it for business, vacation or spiritual, travelling is an essential part of our lives. It is important to be well prepared while travelling to reduce the stress and hustles of forgetting stuff later. For a Muslim, preparation is very important as travelling is a little more demanding. This is because you need to ensure that your daily prayers are not affected and that you eat halal food. A Muslim tour should be made easy by proper prior planning and preparations. Below are some tips on basic requirements to have in your travels.

You need a good prayer mat. This is essential, as Muslims are required to offer regular daily prayers. You may not always have a clean place to offer salah so carrying your own mat comes in handy. Most mats are highly mobile, durable and light. The mats can easily be carried in a bag. A Muslim tour cannot be complete without a reliable compass to find the Qibla. Some mats are already equipped with a compass. An alternative is to download a Qibla application on your phone.

Carry a few prayer dresses and headscarves this will enable you to offer your prayers anywhere. It is especially handy for women to carry some hijabs and niqabs. Prayers are important thus should not to be skipped. Carrying descent clothing is thus necessary.

Take advantage of your phone technology. Today, there are a number of Islamic apps on the android market. Download a few that you will need like prayer times and qibla direction. Also, make use of apps with maps on them. The mobile phone has become an all-inclusive gadget with multiple apps. These can help you find local mosques, and hotels selling halal food.

Muslim tour should be made easy

Carry water bottles and containers with clean water for drinking and performing wudu. This will be helpful if you do not find clean water on your travels and need to pray. Be careful not to fill your bottle with water from unclean sources. Water is essential to life. Carrying water will quench your thirst and purify you for salah.

Be sure to plan and find out hotels and shops that offer Islamic and halal foods. If you have no clue as to where to start, do some online research. This is as easy as searching for halal food in Malaysia. The Internet has made life very easy. Most hotels and businesses have advertised their service online. Therefore, you can easily map out your entire journey together with all the hotels and restaurants you are going to eat. Only choose restaurants that offer halal food.

Remember to carry all your documents. Essential documents include your identification card, passport if applicable, as well as your visa. This is to avoid problems and identification issues. Today, the world has embraced fascist security policies so always remember to carry personal identification documents.
Travelling is a very personal experience. For whatever reason you are travelling, be sure to always plan and pack everything that you will require before your departure. This will avoid any inconveniences during your trip. Use travel guides and agencies to ease your trip and plan your whole trip.

The Best Apps to perform Long-Distance Calling from SEA

There are a ton of apps that utilize your phones internet connection and allow an alternative, free method to call phone numbers with or text somebody with without the long distance charges, using your phones data plan, minutes or text limit. I’ll be going over the top four apps and programs that allow this to function.

If you want a more personal, one-on-one call your options expand to include WhatsApp, LINE and WeChat.

WhatsApp is meant to be a replacement for texting or instant messaging, and it does not charge you for cross country messages, but it does have a free call option in the app as well. However, this is a 1 year trial period and after the year is up you either buy the app or move on to a different alternative.

WeChat is completely free for as long as you use it and completely dominates China and SEA as far as usage. It allows free, internet-based calling, texting and messaging, works on more mobile and desktop platforms, allows more recovery if you lose your phone or change your number, and even has ‘app-within-an-app’ technology that allows you to track your mail, use Facebook Messenger or even use your bank from within WeChat.

The next big competitor is LINE – often called a direct competitor to WeChat or WhatsApp, I’d say LINE, while the least popular in SEA is the best option of these. LINE offers a type of in-app Facebook which shows status updates, profile changes and the like and is more secure than WeChat. It offers calling to phones as well and as long as you’re connected to an Internet connection these calls will be completely free.

The biggest and baddest competitor for long-distance calling is Skype. While you need to buy Skype credits here to perform long-distance number-based calling, as long as the person you want to call has an account and is near a device that can run it. When expanding to include landlines or mobile phone numbers, you will need to buy Skype credits but after that it is completely free – no random charges.

It also offers the most stability, outages of service are incredibly rare and any issues are often caused by your internet or computer and not the program itself. Call quality is clear no matter what you’re calling to – landline or mobile.

For the intent of gamers, Skype can also be used to perform a group call with up to 25 people all over the world for free as long as they have an account, with the only limiting factor being your internet connection’s speed. This is great if you just picked up a game account for League of Legends or FIFA coins and want to play with your friends that aren’t exactly in SEA.


There is a great importance in keeping our home as clean and comfortable as possible, since we spend most of our time there. Our living environment has a great impact on our health, stress level and happiness, so it is something that certainly needs to be invested in, and more and more people invest in HEPA filters.

great selection of HEPA filters in Malaysia


The most important and primary question is “Is our home clean enough and are we doing our cleaning the best we can?” However spotless our living environment looks, it is surprising how much we actually do not see. Something that we do not notice on daily basis and do not even pay much attention to is air pollution. Many things like dust mites and dirt is something that seems harmless to most people, but they can cause many allergies and cause lung irritations that could cause many serious complications. Our carpets, beddings, woolen objects tend to be the most suitable “home” for dust mites. Vacuum cleaners certainly do most of the job in removing dirt, but more often than not, they are not enough on their own. That is why there is an increasing number of people that invest in HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) filter vacuum cleaners. This is a device that collects considerable amounts of small particles of dust and dirt while preventing them to re-circulate back from the vacuum cleaner into the living space by “trapping” them inside of the filter.


There are two types: True HEPA filters and HEPA like filters. The former ones need to pass a test of being able to collect at least 99.97 percent of particles. The results are guaranteed to be genuine and are most of the times printed out on a filter. The other type is of a lot lower standard and does not meet the level of quality of the former. They promise to capture from 85 to 90 percent of particles, but on the other hand, their price is considerably lower. There is always the possibility to tell the difference by looking into test results and comparing serial numbers and, of course, the price. However, you should always take into consideration what suits you and your family best. There is a great selection of HEPA filters in Malaysia, and as usual, the Internet is one of the easiest ways to help you make your choice.

HEPA air purifiers are one of the best solutions for maintaining the highest hygiene and health level in our living environment. They are certainly proven to be to most effective and impeccable in removing the smallest particles of dirt, pollen, dust etc. and they meet the highest standards on the market. One of the advantages is that they become more effective over time as other types of air purifiers decrease in their effectiveness the more dirt they collect. That is something that should be considered as crucial in improving the quality of our lives.

What is Halal Certification and Why Does It Matter?

The term ‘halal’ simply means lawful or permitted. Therefore, when someone is referring to halal type foods, they’re talking about foods that are specifically allowed to be consumed under Islamic Sharia law. Essentially, in order for any food to actually be considered halal, it has to abide by the observance and religious rituals of Sharia law.


Halal Certification

The Muslim community chooses to consume halal food since it adequately meets the necessary requirements they think is appropriate for them to eat. Halal stems from key rules established in the Qur’an as well as the Hadith that have been continually followed throughout many generations of the Islamic religion. In other words, knowing exactly how their food is produced is a very important aspect for Muslims.

Generally speaking, halal pertains to more than just food. Because the term ‘halal’ means permissible, it can literally mean any element of life that’s covered by Islamic teachings.

Halal is a key aspect of Sharia as an intricate system of ethics and morals in order to help guide the actions and behaviour of Muslims. This should not, however, be confused as a more codified system regarding Sharia law.

Just like many other aspects of practising Islam, the true definition of what’s considered halal food is another issue that’s contested. For instance, there’s an ongoing debate in the Muslim community regarding whether or not stunning animals prior to being slaughtered actually produces halal type meat. Either side draws on the traditions and teachings of Islam in order to support their claim.


How Certification Works

There are basically three different types of certification:

1. Each product can be certified, which means the ingredients and production process for that specific product are halal. As a result, a shopper could purchase halal yoghurt, for instance, from a store that offers non-halal yoghurt as well.

2. Production facilities can also be certified, meaning any products produced according to standards are considered halal. For instance, in a halal-certified slaughterhouse, the meat itself is considered halal regardless of the cut. But, it may not be labeled as halal once it gets to market.

3. Also, retail sites can be halal-certified so that any food prepared and subsequently sold from there is considered halal.

Depending on who performs the service, the overall certification process will vary, which is where doubt generally arises. Muslim consumers are primarily unable to determine what food production process has been strictly followed during the certification process in addition to what standards have been established by the certification provider.


Why is Certification Necessary?

Certification is necessary for a couple of reasons.

To begin with, certification helps local area Muslims determine which exact products to purchase. Globalised markets and modern-day food processing techniques make it very difficult for Muslims to know precisely where their food comes from and how it’s processed. In order to avoid this doubt, anyone who wishes to buy halal-produced food needs a plausible system that checks whether or not products actually meet the stringent requirements of halal food.


By comparison, halal certification is much like any other kind of food certification process. Whether it’s organic, gluten-free, kosher, or halal, food certification services are obligated to help consumers make informed decisions regarding the food they’re eating. Food industries across the globe are choosing to embrace halal in order to complete in the huge Muslim halal market.


The other reason primarily relates to trade. With the worldwide halal food trade industry estimated at more than $1.70 trillion each year, Muslim markets offer a very profitable opportunity for other companies to engage in. However, if certain companies wish to export their particular products to those halal markets, they need to be certified.

From Beginner To Pro Cyclist With 5 Simple Tips

Bicycling is a great outdoor activity for all types of people, whether you’re old or young, athletic or passive. Not only is it fun, but bicycling is also a good cardio workout and weight loss method, burning up to 500 calories per hour. The latest mechanical advancements, particularly the new styles of bikes available, have made it even easier and simpler to ride them. If you are planning on taking up bicycling, here are 5 simple tips that will help you go pro quickly and safely.

Getting cycling shoes in Malaysia

Safety First

Statistics show that over 5,000 cyclists in the US suffer from head injuries each year, and is the main cause of 75 percent of cycling-related deaths. Wearing the proper safety gear, especially the helmet, can prevent head injuries by up to 90 percent.

Make sure to choose a helmet that is approved by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission. Helmets bearing a sticker from the Snell Memorial Foundation or the American Society of Testing Materials are also standard choices. Pick out a bright colored helmet so that you are easily identified by bystanders and traffic.

Find the Right Sized Bike

If you don’t have a bike yet and is planning on buying one instead of renting every time you need it, find the right bike frame size that compliments your body. Straddle the bike and then stand straight with both feet planted firmly on the ground.

With a road bike, you should have one or two inches of clearance between your groin and the upper tube that holds the seat. The handlebars should be at least one inch lower than the seat surface to compliment the proper posture of road bikers. For regular bikes, the handlebars can be slightly higher than the seat.

Wear Comfortable Shoes

Whether you’re biking leisurely or competing with professional cyclists, having the right footwear can have a tremendous impact on your performance. Getting cycling shoes in Malaysia is simple since many stores cater to online users.

If you have some time to spare though, it is best to see and feel the product for yourself. The fit should not be too tight that it restricts blood flow to the feet but also not too loose that it could fall off while you’re cycling.

Know The Route

Cycling in city traffic can be very challenging and even dangerous. Stay in bike lanes at all times and be alert of traffic signals. Regardless if you’re riding around light or heavy road traffic, it is always smart and safe to attach a rear-view mirror to your bike’s handlebar. This gives you better vision of traffic coming from both sides of the road.
Change Your Positions

Maintain proper posture at all times, but make sure to vary your body and hand position regularly to avoid putting stress and pressure to only certain muscle groups. If you are travelling long distances, find rest stops where you can take a break and stretch out.

Bicycling is a healthy and fun activity that benefits both physical and mental health. Doing it properly will ensure your safety as well as the safety of pedestrians and motorists.

Preparing Your Children for the Social Scene in Nursery School

When the time for nursery school arrives, you might breathe a sigh of relief that you can finally stopped paying pricey daycare costs, or you may revel in the educational career on which your little ones are about to embark. Not only are the activities for kids in nursery schools designed to grab their attention and educate them, but they also work to create a social web of experience.

Enroll in Activities and Programs
Encouraging socialization with other youths before school begins is helpful in integrating them into the larger social sphere. Research programs in your community for toddlers. Many of these programs focus on music or gym play where your children can interact with others in a moderately educational environment. You may also want to find out about classes in specific disciplines. Art classes, theater instruction, baking lessons and the like are all activities available to a wider range of ages these days.

Arrange Play Dates
When your children interact with others at a class or activity, they are socializing, but they are also amused by the toys, experiences and individuals around them. Set up a play date with one of the other moms in this group so that the kids have time to explore creatively. Playing is not an activity that needs constant structure and instruction. Allowing your children to do essentially whatever they want, within reason and safety confines, permits them to bolster their imaginations and build skills necessary to interact with other children their age.

Make the Library a Frequent Stop
Perhaps you have already spent a decent amount of time reading books to your children at the library. While the library is not intended to act as a loud place, the children’s section usually does expect a bit more movement than the adult. You can quietly encourage your children to read with others. Also, the local library usually boasts an array of classes. Look for ones that are specifically designed for children of your little ones’ ages. During these activities, give them the freedom to spend time chatting with their peers instead of constantly hovering over them.

Spend Time Outdoors
Before crammed schedules and tons of activities for children as young as two were the norm, people would meet with each other in the natural environment. Simply taking a walk to the park gives you a chance to explore your community and to mingle with other parents as you kids play on the playground. Once again, play-time experiences do not always need tremendous amounts of structure. Letting kids be kids, without the frantic race of schedules and the blur of technological devices, is often the best way to prepare them for the social scene they will meet in nursery school.

Before your children enter school, you likely have an array of worries and questions. By taking the time to integrate them into more social activities now, you can have a greater sense of confidence that they will be ready when the time comes to make friends at school.
Inspiring Successful Businessman: Vinod Sekhar, President of Petra Group and Green Rubber Global

Book Review: Stephen King’s “The Shining” May Not Be What You Expect

We all know or have heard of the classic horror novel The Shining by the one-and-only Stephen King. Released in 1977, it was adapted 3 years later into the Stanley Kubrick film that terrified us all, thanks in part to Jack Nicholson’s special “brand of crazy” and two really creepy twins that took hotel hallways by storm. It recently had a sequel, Doctor Sleep, published in 2013 and has stood the test of time against many other best sellers (check out the latest best sellers here). It was even featured heavily in an episode of the sitcom Friends (where Joey hides it in the freezer every time it gets too scary for him).


stephen king's The Shining

Stephen King’s The Shining


This is all well and good – however, the novel is a total disappointment to me and many other genre fans. The thing is, few have read the work from start to finish and few know how completely different it is from the movie.

A key problem right off is that the premise lacks originality at present. You know the plot because the plot is famous. A family whose young son has mind powers stay alone at a haunted mountain hotel where the father’s plan to get over alcoholism and become a writer seriously backfires. My main gripe though, is that some of the most-inspired things of the film do not exist in the novel at all. The twin girls, blood in the elevator, “all work and no play,” dog-man in the hall, etc. are all absent and replaced by “threats” that are often uninteresting, un-scary, and really borderline corny or unbelievable. Inanimate objects such as fire-hoses or manicured bushes that may come to life are supposed to be terrifying instead. Guess what? They’re not.


 Stanley Kubrik’s The Shining Trailer

The novel drags at an extremely-overwritten near-700 pages which King himself admits in the prologue was sort of a failed experiment in trying to make the book seem more epic. Sequences of action are very rare and sorely missed. Most of the action is vague, coming in the form of dreams by the boy, Danny, and are repeated over and over. It’s strengths are its first act and final 70 pages, but I doubt you’ll find any of that worth it once you’ve slogged through the journey. Just rent the movie again and call it a day.